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‘My courage will not be squashed; I’ll tell her my feelings today’, I soliloquised, as I passed by an electoral poster of her father. I’ve always looked forward to seeing her alight from the chauffeur-driven SUV but oddly, she wasn’t in school today.

A crowd lurked around her house. People conversed in hushed tones, gathered in twos and threes. The usual euphoria was absent. I moved towards Rotimi as I sighted his customized Arsenal jersey in the crowd.

‘Guy, wetin dey happen?’, I asked, tapping his shoulder.

Baba, you never hear ni? Otunba & his family were assassinated last night’

Image Source: Deviant Art


Back to Normal.

Can you believe that???? It missed! This is a once in a blue moon event. After resigning to fate that i’m getting struck by its (in)famous arrow, here i am, still as i was 20+ years ago. Now, i can return to my normal and regular life, with no fear of getting hit by the cupid’s arrow, where only me can decide what i want. A life where i am my own C-in-C. There is no watching over my shoulders in the next few years. No obligation to any goddamn person…. Err’ Cupid, i’m gonna need your arrow in future though *winks*