Pensamientos y Sentidos de 2015

The day is January 01, 2015. The time is 8:26pm. Place? My bed, wearing a red polo shirt, inside-out.

***Baseline data acquired***

Now, let the event commence!
This year has something special in store for EPL fans. Lots of drama. Liverpool losing a 2-goal lead within a space of 2 mins, Yaya’s bullet against Sunderland, Mane scoring a contender for the goal of the season against Arsenal and Chelsea getting kaned in the London Derby. Meanwhile, el Tigre did it on a windy afternoon at Stoke. Result wasn’t pleasing but deserved. And Chelsea leading the table by virtue of alphabetical order. Aren’t you entertained?

Someone tell GTBank to stop playing ping pong with my account. Crediting-debiting-crediting-debi…

That’s what I fell into when her message came through. It was only a matter of time before she knows. And that she did, when she collected that yearbook. Now that she’s mentioned it, the recuperation process suffered another blow. Brace yourself, Hakeem, for more blows will come! Can you forget that phase? Time has the answer.

Blast from the past.
My brain just went blank. Even till now. I had always thought her as one of those mutual friends with Hiqmat on Facebook. Yes, she is a mutual friend with her on Facebook but we know each other even before i knew anything about the internet. As far back as primary school. Even though, I pride myself, albeit in private, in being able to recall past people in my earthly sojourn, Morenike is one who I can’t really put a lid on my encounters with her in Pelade.

This harmattan isn’t showing any sign of abating soon, is it? Taking one’s bath requires a superhero ability now. People walking on the streets with facemask, like those on the streets of China.

So I finally saw Taken 3 @ the Silverbird Cinemas, Ikeja City Mall today. A classical Liam Neeson again- finding and taking out those who hurt his family. Kai! I wan die for the cinema with the hypothermic temperature.
My favourite quote in this one was when Bryan hijacked a police vehicle>

Police Officer: This won’t end well for you.

Bryan: Don’t be pessimistic.

Promise Unkept
Before I hit the hay yesterday, I promised not to visit the internet today. My data usage has been heavy, no thanks to watching videos from YouTube. Less than 3 hours after dawn, I saw myself online. My mission was just to switch the data on so as to be able to sync my Frontline Commando game progress. Shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, I thought. Now, it’s been more than 12 hours. And my data is still on *face palm*
But hey, I wouldn’t have noticed Fayose’s idiocy and pettiness if I had been offline.
So it was worth it.

Cost of data spent: 150MB+

Now, this is becoming embarrassing. I understand the ‘you-look-like-your-father’ stuff. I get the importance. But now, it’s been taken to another level.
So this morning, I was driving and a neighbour thought it was my dad. He then bowed slightly to greet him. You should have seen the look on my face. Abashed. I’d hardly driven for 3 minutes before I encountered another. I’ve lost count of events like this really.

After waiting for many months, Suits is back on the TV phone screen. Will the firm get really litt up? How’s Mike’s relationship with Louis going to be? Mehn, I’ve really missed Donna’s wits.

PS: Jessica also knows about the coffee cart guy! Like seriously?! Even Harvey was shocked. To whet my appetite for Suits, I had watched the webisodes on Facebook. The only person I’ll be really freaking shocked if he knows the coffee cart guy is Louis! Just imagine Louis with that thing in his hand. Not funny.

Will Donna and Harvey f*%king tell us about the can opener?

The Urge to Get Lost.
This has got to be the longest January in recent times. Seems it came with an extension, JANUARY+. Hope this isn’t how other months are going to be, duration wise.
After spending about a week in Osogbo, most of it indoors, I decided to go for a hike. After Man Utd’s match against Leicester City, ears plugged, I embarked. I remember embarking on a similar adventure in the same community about 10 years ago with my cousins. I usually have this urge to get lost. The last time I hiked was in Calabar. I had gone to submit my CDS card to Ndifreke who lived around Orok-Orok by Mount Zion. Instead of taking keke back, that hiking spirit just took over- strolling from streets to streets with my phone providing music to keep me company. After about 2 hours, it was a dead end. Thanks to Google Maps, I was able to find my way back to Goldie.
The irony is that I hardly go out when @ home. It was not about 4 years after living in the area that I ventured into the street before ours. It’s that serious. One of these days, I should drive round sef.

I’ve been blind for more than 24 hours. Been unconnected from happenings. My MTN sim seems (see what I did there) to have reached its expiry date. The thing just stopped working. Now, I was forced to take that break. But now, it has been reset via the Welcome Back stuff. But I still have to consult the expired one for contacts.

So earlier in the day, I remembered something from back when I first arrived Lagos. My thoughts were crude then mehn! When I first listened to a Lagos radio station, I was surprised that all they spoke from dawn to dusk was English language. Don’t blame me o! Where I came from, Yoruba was the mainstream language. It was even the language of communication in schools. Things have changed now though.

A Day with the American Sniper.

Today was a memorable day. Not one filled with much activities though. It was rather a shift from the boring daily schedule. After days of deliberation, I finally went to see the American Sniper at Silverbird Cinema, ICM. This film has generated controversy in Hollywood and this whetted my appetite more. Being a biopic also added fuel to the fire. Movie was interesting and I didn’t really find what the controversy was about. Watching the movie, I likened the situations to the ones faced by the NA in the North East. Calls had to be made; calls capable of saving or killing your comrades; capable of making or marring your career. Bradley Cooper really did justice to the role. Mehn! Bradley had to add weight to play Chris Kyle. Typical Hollywood. I’m not even going to compare.
Back home, I spent some time with the mason working nearby. It’s been long I did that & I kinda miss it.

Slept and woke up around Moghrib, hungry.

Seems I’ll always schedule my cinema visits to Tuesday. Not with the free popcorn and drink. #2Birds1Stone.

Driving out this morning and I came across one of these sacrifices at a T-junction. It’s been long I came across such. I remember coming across them regularly back in Gbagada, around Estaport Estate. Then, due to a mixture of Nollywood and naivety, I dreaded them. Now, I just pass by without a second thought.

So I finished Purple Hibiscus today, after 3 days. For a second time. This boredom won’t remove itself na. Would it really make sense to go the HOAYS way- transferring it onto the big screen? I think not. HOAYS success on the big screen was because of its history feature (Nigeria Civil War) but there’s little or no historical importance of Purple Hibiscus.

So I indulged in my data-sucking habit again- whoring round YouTube looking for videos that’ll be interesting enough to catch my interest. My niche? Movie trailers and mistakes. I remember back in school how Osas used to make fun of how I usually search for mistakes in movies. So I watched the mistakes in The Dark Knight. Quite a few abound therein.
After wasting data on that, I stumbled upon the behind the scene video of Fast & Furious 6. Now, this is the ish! . See destruction of vehicles. Mehn I bow! That scene where Dom narrowly crossed the bridge before it came down was real yo! Albeit controlled. And yes, the film was a success and money has been made. This just whetted my appetite for Fast & Furious 7 starring Jason Stratam, coming out April 3rd.


The lines are fucking back. They took a one-year hiatus after a constant appearance of 4 years. 4 gruesome years. Fuelled by anxiety & the fear of the unknown.

Nostalgia & Events
Today was indeed good. And nostalgic. And hectic. Events overlapped each other. From Gbagada to Onipanu to Ile-Ife. I went to my alma mata for my O’Level certificate. It’s long overdue, gathering dust in the shelf of the school. The scenery have all changed. Later ended up in Onipanu. It’s been about 7 years I reached there. And changed it has. On my way back, I entered BRT for the first time in more than 2 years. And I remember that feeling of happiness that used to rush back then on sighting an empty BRT bus. Around Ojota, there was a protest by OPC members demanding Prof Jega resigns his position as INEC chairman. The political atmosphere is charged as everyone in the bus was discussing the upcoming elections. PDP, in connivance with OPC also had a rally which culminated into a interstate traffic jam stretching from Ikosi Ketu to Kara, Ogun state. That’s one reason I hate Lagos. Now, I must return to OAU tomorrow. Gosh! I’m freaking tired and famished.

Today started with my favourite ritual any time I’m in Ife- downing some hot rolls of egg roll. God bless that woman. Got to campus to complete my assignments. Got the documents picked up and ran into an unexpected person. The last time I saw Gbenga was when I was in SS1 back in 2005 or something. He now schools in Ife. Got to the newspaper stand and the theme of discourse is as predictable as Jonathan’s loss in Daura. Finally left campus around 12:23pm for Ibadan (for the final phase of my travels) after catching up with some familiar faces. After seeing Mr Dickson, who was indeed helpful, and completing all necessary tasks (which include using the cyber cafe after a long time), I left Ibadan by 6:17pm. Damn! Ibadan is rough. The government should really focus on aesthetics to make the city pleasing to the eye.

The past week has been eventful. From Lagos to Ile-Ife to Ibadan to Ikenne. Then, Friday was funny. An event meant to take me 2 hours max took me about 8 hours. From GTBank, Alausa to First Bank, Motorway to Stanbic IBTC, Ojodu. So I continued today. Went back to Ojodu to rectify a mistake on the document I collected on Friday. On my way back, I boarded a keke driven by a lady. I think I did well to hide my surprise. I’ve read stories of women in this trade but hadn’t encountered them. The first time I even saw a lady riding a bike was in the South East on my way to Calabar. Lil sis also left for Ibadan to resume at UI.

But why is LightHouse Family’s High playing in my head?


So I entered the newly opened Wise Buyers Supermarket this evening. Mehn! It is really an improvement from where they were. Bigger. More organized. More beautiful. I went to get a new perfume. Asked for Chris Adams- the last one which I bought in Tinapa on the day I returned to Lagos lasted for months. I guess that’s the longest I’ve used a perfume.
Well, they didn’t have and I had to change my fragrance. Saw New Musk- that used to be my signature smell before. Unlooked it and finally settled for Explore Gold. Dad uses Explore & it has a very nice fragrance. But the Explore Gold just seems to be one that’ll be one a higher level. Ironically, it costs the same as the ‘ordinary’ Explore- N2000. Now, lemme add Explore to the list of fragrance I’ve used.

27March2015 – 28March2015
Tedious. Energy-sapping. Weary. Click here to read.

Stayed glued to the TV watching as results from the presidential election trickled in. The process started yesterday. Had to switch on the generator to watch it. A programme that was scheduled for 10am started some minutes to 12 noon. The results are what I had expected. The day was going on smoothly & it seemed to be a day where everything fell in place. Until I received a news that destabilized me. My aunt’s husband just bade the world goodbye. Devastated is an understatement. Mom later left for their place to commiserate. Buhari was declared president but the joy had already been doused in my heart. RIP, sir!

Woke up with a funny feeling in my stomach. Ah! Not today abeg. I just quickly downed some flagyl. Today that I’m planning to go see Fast & Furious 7, after months of anticipation.
On my way to the City Mall in Ikeja, some people were protesting in from of the IKEDC office against their crazy bills. Some policemen were on hand to forestall crisis. I got to the cinema and omoh! see crowd. It seemed half of Lagos was at the cinema to see Fast & Furious 7. The ticket price has also increased by 50%. Ah! You people don’t want me to watch this movie, ehn? Na lie! You won’t succeed.
Mehn! The movie didn’t disappoint. Having watched the trailer on YouTube a zillion times, some scenes didn’t come as a surprise (downside of trailers). Roman should be a comedian. He got people laughing their arses off in the room. His words and body language. But I was pleasantly surprised to sef Djimon Hounsou. Dude was the villain. But I kept seeing him as the character in Blood Diamond. Izznor my fault joor! But that his goatee fit am sha. Of all the Fast & Furious movies I’ve watched, this one contained many unrealistic scenes. That didn’t take away the fun though. The tribute to Paul Walker @ the end with Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again had me emotional.
After the movie, I did my BVN registration at the CBD branch of GTBank.
The Oba of Lagos’ words is still causing ripples in the polity. I’ve always been against the glaring romance of the Oba with a particular party. I believe traditional rulers should insulate themselves from partisan politics. It portrays you as being bias. That’s why I respect the Awujale & Oba of Benin.


Today is the day scheduled for the governorship and HoA elections. The preparation for this one was good. Cracks have been amended. I got a good sleep and ate on time. Once bitten, tw… Accreditation started by 8:00am. This time though, my unit was the Town Hall, which also doubles as the collation centre. The turnout today is poor. A very sharp contrast to the Presidential election. Accreditation ended before 1pm sef. The lady that was to act as APO II didn’t show up. Thus, an INEC staff filled in for her. The PO was named Yetunde. The process went smoothly and even finished voting before 4pm. This was nothing like the previous election where voting ended at night. Ballots were counted and results announced. APC carried the day- also a contrast to what happened earlier. At night, after submitting our results to the collation officer, Yetunde headed home. Fortunately, she lives in the town. I saw her off until she boarded a bike. She was really cool to work with. Parole also show sha.
I retired to Efosa’s house later that night. What a well spent day!


4:29pm: The bus left the park. A smooth journey it was. A new phase is about to commence. A redemption? My previous encounters with Ibadan have always been as a passage to Ile-Ife. The only places I know are Iwo road and Agbowo. So it wasn’t just going to be a normal journey. Arrived Ibadan about 2 hours later. Transversing Challenge to Apata, I came across the popular Shoprite and Ventura Mall. This is an Ibadan I have never seen before. Ibadan isn’t a city of brown roofs after all. Not that I earlier believed that postulation though.


Not that I claim to be a writer but is it really possible to have a writer’s block while writing a diary? I’ve not been motivated to update my diary since the last update.
Yesterday, I watched the deepest video ever on YouTube. It was a rendition of MJ’s ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ by 2Cellos. I just marveled at the whole concept. The fuel scarcity is really biting hard. It’s time the issue is treated as a matter of national security. A week without fuel will ground the economic activities of the country.


This fuel scarcity isn’t slowing down. Its effect is biting harder than ever. Heck! The low fuel indicator of Tiida just came up. I’ve not seen it display before. The small generator is also low on fuel. Now, we must hustle for fuel- me & dad. We had to set out early before the church goers return. There’s no fuel at Forte at the bus stop. That was expected. One okada man said ASCORN was selling. Got there to see a queue. Not a long one though. Got fuel after about 45 mins though.

After my business at the CBD branch of GTBank, I headed over to ICM to get a wristwatch. Got to a watch shop & baba just dey check watches dey go. I then noticed the price tags on them. This can’t be real! Watches running into several hundreds of thousands. The least they had was worth N39,000. Me wey get just N5,000 to spend on watch. I just told the woman, ‘ aje o’. Outside I met Emmanuel. He was the last person I expected to see. Scratch that- I no expect to see him. Gisted for close to 30 mins though. The idiot was just gist with a joy. Now, I head to Ibadan tomorrow.

Journey to Ibadan has been shifted to tomorrow. Twin sis heads over to the NYSC camp today.

Left Lagos by 9:00am exact (a coincidence). Got to UI by 11:27am. Today should be the interactive session between the new students and the lecturers. But it was an empty dept that welcomed me. Placed a call to the programme coordinator who told me to go pick up the timetable from the departmental secretary. After seeing Faizat, I headed to Filmhouse Cinemas in Ventura Mall. Avengers: Age of Ultron won’t watch itself na. I had carefully avoided spoilers on Twitter. The F&F7 situation can’t repeat itself. Bruhh, the movie was worth the hype. But can Nigerians watch a movie in the cinema without clapping? But the fight scene between Hulk and Ironman carries the day. Tony had to wear a special suit, the Hulkbuster mehn. Hulk is so fucking strong. That scene where Thor’s hammer was picked by Vision was not expected. I never esperredit.
I’m definitely watching it again next week. By God’s grace.

Today na today. Lectures should start today. About a month since resumption and we’re still waiting for classes to start.

Unfortunately, lectures will start unfailingly on Wednesday. Well, o ba ni, ko baje. I then used the opportunity to visit the hostel I was allotted. Mans has to know the process involved in securing a room. Finally, I’ll not tube spending much on transportation.

What the hell?
There’s no more accommodation? B.b..but I received a mail telling me I’ve been allotted this hall.
The lady told me I was late. But I don’t think I was.
My next visit was to Filmhouse Cinemas, Ventura. Yeah… Avengers: Age of Ultron deserves a second view. And that it got. Got home some minutes past 4pm.
Mehn… This fuel scarcity is really biting hard.


True to plans, lectures began today. Preceded by a short interactive session where we got to know more about the course. Surprisingly, we’re the third set. Such a new programme! Dr Alabi took us first. After the class, we got to know each other better. Only 9 people have shown up.
After the classes, my tour of Ibadan continued with my visit to Oke-Ado to give a tailor a cloth to sew. But that was nearly marred by the downpour that lasted for about 2 hours. We had to take cover under a canopy.
But some people can really be daft. A woman emptied a sac-load of paper into the gutter while the rain fell. But Ajimobi will be blamed for a blocked drainage, right?

This illness requires the attention of a doctor. Now, I head to Lagos to visit my hospital. MFS 701 has to be sacrificed. Health takes precedence over all other matters. Went directly to the hospital (without the hospital card or the HMO ID card). Decided to try my luck though. After the luck passed, the name ‘ish’ came up. This is the first time though. The surname on the family card differs from the one on my Voter’s card, which I presented as a form of ID. Got resolved and went home to rest. Woke up by evening with an empty stomach and drugs to be the taken still lying there.

Got to know that of ye class didn’t hold. What a lucky chap I am!

I’ve never taken this long to travel. It’s 6:07pm and I’m yet to leave the park for Ibadan. I’m to blame though as I wasted lots of time at home. When am I gonna reach home now? Definitely, it’s going to be late into the night. Finally left the park by 6:23pm after more than an hour of leaving home.

PS: This is the longest period of fuel scarcity I’ve ever witnessed. The economy is collapsing. Businesses are finding it difficult to fuel their operations. Arik & Aero have cancelled their flights nationwide. Beat FM, Naija FM, City FM & Classic FM have shut down operations. MTN has also issued a statement on Twitter saying services will be downgraded as a result of the crisis. GTBank too. The FG, on the other hand, is perfecting its unlooking game.
Boom! UI is closed for two weeks. The fuel scarcity has finally hit home. But the shutdown doesn’t affect us, the postgraduate students. We are senior students *removes dust from shoulder*
But the fuel scarcity affects us most though.

Today is unlike the other days. I did not leave home early as my class was scheduled for 12pm. I also intend to go to Lagos today. Even if I can’t be at Eagles Square, Abuja, I need to be able to have a feel of what the handover will be like. And celebrate with lived ones. But first of all, the MFS 701 class was an interesting one. It taught me that there are some knowledge that will be missed if one misses class, even if he copies the notes later. After class, I headed over to Filmhouse Cinemas to watch Mad Max: Fury Road. Surprisingly, the hall was packed. The movie was kinda awesome. It was a shift from the conventional movies scenes; it had a desert scenery. Film highlights rebellion and brainwashing & control via perpetuating poverty.


Today is the day we make it official. The day we remove that suffix. Where we start to feel the effect of our choice. Eagles Square is the venue. The programme commenced by 8:00am. Dignitaries from different parts of the world are present. Let them witness a first in Nigeria. History is being made. The VP was the first to be sworn in. Decked in a flowing white agbada, a shift from his traditional dark outfits, Yemi Osinbajo, accompanied by his gorgeous wife, took the oath. There & then, Sambo took on the prefix, ‘ex’. Next to be sworn in was the man of the moment- the victor, Muhammadu Buhari. Also, in company of his beautiful wife, he took his oath of office and by 10:51am, with jubilant noise & cheers in the background, Nigeria had a new president. This moment right here is the climax of the activities of the past few months. Rigorous ones they were. I’m glad to be part of the process.

And oh! The military parade gave me goose pimples.

Now, let the work begin.



I literally dropped a tear for him. His experience, even from the womb, has been a fight. The innocence in his eyes. The blank stare really touched me. Lil Jack is a warrior. Keep on fighting, champ!
Not all heroes wear cape!


I’m still in giggles. Some people take this liberal stuff too far. They’ll rather live in an ideal world than in the real one. Anyone can be whatever he wants to be in the cloak of anonymity. Under the mask of the internet, you can be Batman and Superman. Then, stop being Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent. Take their advice at your peril.

So, I return to Ibadan today. When I’ll come back home ehn, it’s in God’s hands.

And by the way, I took a selfie. It’s been more than 2 months since I took my last.


My clothes are dirty. Washing isn’t really a chore I look forward to. When I become rich, it’ll be the dry cleaners that’ll be taking care of my clothes. Now, I’m left with the option of wearing my traditional wear to class. Oya na! Got to Ado-Odo only to be told that class wasn’t holding today. Or tomorrow sef! WTF?
When life gives you a lemon, you ma..
Lemme use the opportunity to inspect the apartments that the agent has sef. Mans can’t be travelling several kilometres to attend classes. After filling the form & paying the consultation fee of #500, we set out to inspect. Overall sha, we inspected 3 ‘self-contain’ & 1 ‘face-me -i-slap-you’ apartment. I think I’ll settle for one of the ‘selfcon’. Later went to visit Mr Dickson for some accommodation ish too.


Keeping a diary is really not for the fainthearted. That’s my conclusion.
So on Thursday, we embarked on an archeological expedition to Ile-Ife. The choice of Ife isn’t surprising. Actually, we went there to witness how archeologists work. The location was the Yemoo Grove and the aim was to examine how long the place had been in use. We later learnt that the place used to be a palace for a female Ooni. And the place is believed to be where Obatala’s wife, Yemoo was buried. Met some M.Sc students on ground led by Dr. Gerald (hope I got the spelling right sha?), a French based in the US and former director of IFRAD. He came with a student, James and a photographer, Keith. Mehn! Keith’s camera costs a lot- #1million after it was converted to Naira. It was fun all the way- from the excavation to sieving the sand for cultural products to the palm wine that was served to the peppersoup and red wine that was served in the evening. The babambari was when we saw how a drone was used & how important it is to archeology.

We left the following day, with me nursing a running stomach.

And yup! I collected my laptop from Taiwo.

Finally saw Jurraisic World today. Mehn! Awesome is not enough to describe the movie. The fight scene at the end was so epic. No wonder it broke record in its first week.

Plan was to go buy foodstuff at Bodija after the movie in preparation for Sahur. But Mother Nature had other plans. It’s a downpour here mehn. This’ll be the first time I’ll be entering Ramadan living alone. I fear there’ll be many days I’ll go without Sahur.

Ramadan Mubaraq!


Hermit. That’s the word that best describes me. Neighbours have been telling me,

‘Ahn ahn, did you travel? Your face is scarce-o!’

Meanwhile, I’m usually indoors. Do I feel bored? Nope- not for 80% of the time.

I woke up some minutes past 3:00am today & I’ve not even touched my door, not to talk of unlocking it. It’s 6:32pm now and there’s no sign of me stepping outta this room today.

This Ramadan (now in its 10th day) has really taught me the importance of cooking meals, instead of eating out. It really saves a lot of money. Throughout my NYSC days in Calabar, I didn’t own a pot or a plate. What I had was a green cooler with which I bought foods. I was always eating out – 98% of the time- PMT Park, Ngozi’s Restaurant, Mama Uwem (her coconut rice was the truth), Anantiga, Mama Bright (with her banga, white soup and long queues), Bogobiri and different places in UNICAL. It wasn’t only me that ate out in Calabar but mine was the worst.

Rilwan cooked noodles sometimes; Deji cooked noodles too. He also had JOYous meals. Ibrahim- same with Deji, but a different JOY.

Today can be summarised in 5 magic words
‘Send Me Your Account Number’
Said by my OATT.


Went to visit Ibrahim today. Was really a reunion of a kind. It was also my first time in that part of Lagos. I’m glad that his JOY has really improved. Caught up on those memorable moments in Calabar. Really won’t trade my experience in MCAN lodge for anything in this world.


Panic attack again? I thought I had overcome this but how wrong I was! I really wish I can have the required calm in situations like this. This is why I don’t like putting myself in situations where I’ll have to go beg a lecturer.

*Deep sigh*

Let tomorrow come in earnest.

Meeting started by 12pm. Dough, Isaac and I were the attendants. Venue was Dough’s. Agenda? Generating content for the next Forensic Science Conference. After consultations and discussions, the proposed theme and topics were drafted. Other aspects were also discussed- finance, publicity, welfare ish and boys talks. Finally finished around 6pm. It’s been a well spent day. Now we have a framework to work with. Wasn’t easy choosing from a plethora of topics, considering how multifaceted Forensics is.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation premieres tomorrow. Expectant is an understatement. Mans has to get to the cinema early. Because, blockbuster.


Decided to go see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation during the 3:46pm viewing time. Because Jumat. Got to Jumat and this okada man didn’t have balance. What’s this nonsense na?! Dude delayed me for about 10mins. Got home, picked my phone and headed for Ventura around 3:15pm.
As expected, the place was flowing with movie enthusiasts. And ticket was now N1000; a 100% increase. Ah! Ah!! What if I only brought N500 na?!
If there’s something Nollywood needs to learn from Hollywood, it’s the art of making trailers. That’s where the ish is. Despite seeing & ignoring the movie, Survivor on Filmhouse website, it was the trailer that’s making me reconsider my stance on the movie.
Gosh! MI: Rogue Nation is a blockbuster in the true sense of the word. Just couldn’t have enough. Mehn! That chase in Morocco was lit. Made me jealous of bikers. But can that race be done in Nigeri.. Nvm.

Tomorrow: EPL begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Boom! The new season of football has started. Weekends aren’t going to be the same for the next 10 months. Went out to watch the Man Utd match with Tottenham. Though disappointing, 3 points was gained. Crucial ones. Darmian is a darling, by the way.


Forgotten about you? No, I haven’t. The year comes to a close in a few hours & my takeaway as regards this diary is that


I’m a lazy scribbler.


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