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‘You removed my pants, I didn’t talk; now you want to remove my bra too! Is that space not enough to spread your clothes?’
‘Mtsheew… Ọ bụ m na nwanyị akwụna a na-ekwurịta okwu?’
WHAT THA FUCK?! What sort of talk is that, Mama Arinze… ehn?’
‘Abegiii! Na everybody for this compound sabi as e dey go. Na different men dey come drop you everyday.
I don’t even understand ladies of nowadays sef. Hassan dey hustle to show say him love you; meanwhile we dey see you in different cars every evening.’
‘Mama Arinze, have you ever heard of Uber?’

The Dark Place

Dark Place

Tonight’s the night we lose control!

Her naked body wriggled feebly as he tucked in his flaccid penis in his boxers. The room was lit just enough to appreciate her areolas once again.
‘Wow! Is this how make-up sex feels like? We need to quarrel more’, he thought with a smirk.
John Legend’s Tonight has been on repeat, primarily to drown her loud moans. Quite a moaner, that one! While fondling with the papers on the bedside cabinet to pick his wedding ring, his hand hit the little metal and it rolled under the bed.
‘Oh fuck!’, he cursed.
He crouched and his stretched hand meandered around the dark place the way his tongue did on her moments earlier. The flashlight on his Samsung phone came to the rescue. However, instead of the ring, what the light shone on was a recently used HIV test kit.
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‘My courage will not be squashed; I’ll tell her my feelings today’, I soliloquised, as I passed by an electoral poster of her father. I always look forward to seeing her alighting from the chauffeur-driven SUV but oddly, she wasn’t in school today.

A crowd lurked around her house. People conversed in hushed tones, gathered in twos and threes. The usual euphoria was absent. I moved towards Rotimi as I sighted his customized Arsenal jersey in the crowd.

‘Guy, wetin dey happen?’, I asked, tapping his shoulder.

Baba, you never hear ni? Otunba & his family were assassinated last night’

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Flash Fiction: Till Next Time.

My sweaty palm held the stock of the sawn off gun tightly while the other wrapped around the barrel. Shadows of the marauders were visible from under the door.

‘You fuckers ain’t getting away this time’, I mouthed.

I had woken up to the fuzzy sight of my wife’s breast amidst her agitated taps. She had been breastfeeding Oreoluwa.

Won tun tide!’, she whispered.

In a frenzy, I reached for the gun wrapped in an old newspaper under the bed. I told the shaken woman to lock the door as I tiptoed to the foyer.

Facing the entrance door, I squeezed the trigger. Then two more times. No sound rang out.

Fuck! I didn’t collect the shells from Audu before he traveled.

The banging persisted. I dashed to the kitchen exit and tucked the firearm under a pile of dry twigs. I thereafter returned to let the robbers in.