Battling Boko Haram: My Widow’s Mite II

What enables the wise, sovereign and good general to strike and conquer, and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men is foreknowledge
Sun Tzu, Art of War.

See ehn, I did not plan to write a sequel to the first. But the Baga incident took me on a thought journey. While the world mourned the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, Boko Haram in their usual style went on a massacre spree.

Hundreds or thousands died, depending on who you believe between Amnesty International and the Federal Government. That’s not even the issue here. How do these terrorists invade a town, kill the inhabitants & disappear into thin air? In a state that’s under a State of Emergency?
In my first post, I talked about fighting this scourge by tackling the ideology that makes it plausible for youths to join the insurgency. The other front which the government is currently engaged in is a two-edged mission- covert and overt fronts. To defeat an enemy like Boko Haram that employs guerrilla tactics, the covert front is so critical. In fact, the overt actions are molded by the covert ones. Their backbone needs to be broken. And the backbone isn’t even Shekau. Hey! I’m not a security expert but what my intuition tells me is that Shekau is like the group’s spokesman. I might be wrong though. The face of the group. Even if Shekau is killed this minute, there are many more Shekaus in the group. Remember when Abu Qaqa was the one Nigerians knew?
Still haven’t got the drift? Killing hundreds or even thousands of Boko Haram members isn’t going to eradicate the crisis, (they can always raid a town & conscript soldiers). It’s just like swatting mosquitoes, you can only stop those tunes and bites if you attack their source. The crux of this post is that while we have focused on the military op, the intelligence to execute this war isn’t encouraging. I mean we’ve been battling with Boko Haram for over 5 years now and the group seems to be becoming more powerful by the day- like these idiots now attack a military base! The array of weaponry these terrorists parade is something else. They possess antiaircraft guns. For all these years, I don’t think a financier of Boko Haram has been identified. Since the military is already engaged in fighting the soldiers, the intelligence agency should be after those providing support for them. Without the intelligence, those villages in the North East are sitting ducks.

Plot Twist– The sponsors of Boko Haram might even be known as the president once claimed that they were in his government. So it’s either the government wants the insurgency to continue or it lacks the willpower to take out these sponsors. Either way, we just sit here & await the next community to raided! 😥


2 responses to “Battling Boko Haram: My Widow’s Mite II

  1. That’s the sad part of it, the government has no idea about what we should do so our people stay and suffer.


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