Meek ah!

‘She’s a recluse! She’s a fucking snub. She’s socially inept.’

*she giggles*
She loves her life like that. Opinion is an a-hole; everyone’s got one. Her number of friends can be counted on her fingers, while still having enough to flash the victory sign. In her era, this seems weird. Not with the existence of the social media. Yes, she is an active user of these platforms but her priorities on them are not of the average Joe of her age. Or lesser than her age.

Her friends are bossom. Her social obligations are determined by them.
Sometimes, she sees herself as being in oblivion, disconnected from her environment. No, she doesn’t; others do. Or so she thinks. Nonetheless, solitude is her source of energy. Those small talks *pukes*. No thanks to her nearly acute introversion. Meek her! Unwilling to make trouble, some see an opportunity to milk her.
Her attitude towards strangers and ‘hi’ friends is intentional. Freedom, it is. From the shackles of others’ expectations.

‘Oh! She shoulda got a new denim’

Like seriously? Fuck outta my business, will ya?!
Yet, a part of her wants to be a show-stopper, the other parts wants her to be that regular chic in the crowd. One with less responsibilities. The latter is winning. And it’s that victory that defines her personality. Oh! How she shys away from taking leadership responsibilities, yet aspires to be the best leader when she is one.


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