Taiwo and Kehinde stood, arms akimbo, trading words on who spilled the water on the rug. The water aimlessly followed a path, soaking everything in its way, oblivious of events in its surrounding. So as the water followe……..

Err’ sorry, the story above did not actually occur literally; I just formulated it to drive home a point. Nigeria’s situation. Always trading blame. Shifting responsibilities. Blame, like a sage opined, is a property no one wants to possess. Except maybe Akon.


Guess who the sage is!

In this clime, one easy thing to do is to blame the other person for a misfortune while you go home and sleep like a baby.
The politicians have so perfected this act that it’s so engraved in their subconscious. While limbs still littered the ground, flames still in the sky and the ground still soaked in human blood at Nyanya following Boko Haram’s terrorist attack, PDP had immediately laid the blame at the doorstep of the opposition, APC. Like seriously?? The nation was still in shock considering the severity of the attack and a group of elites in the own ‘superior’ wisdom had to…. *facepalm*. These elites feed fat on the ignorance that permeates amongst their minions by their inciting speeches.


Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you the preside...

The citizens, on the other hand, profess the mantra, ‘One Nigeria’- whether it’s skin-deep or profound is a discourse for another day. But once a Nigerian gets arrested outside the country, they are quick to dissociate themselves from him.


Wait... Is that a baseball cap or a nose?

Always quick to link him with with a part of the country. Talk of cultural stereotypes. In all these, the vice is not tackled or condemned and it’s allowed to fester until it becomes symptomatic.
I recall reading through a thread on Nairaland some months back about a church in Ketu, Lagos where the remains of a man was discovered. Before one could say Jack Robinson (that’s quite a mouthful though), the thread had degenerated into a ‘The-Other-Religion-Does-Worse‘ debate, with just a few condemning the act.
With this, the cycle is unending like Macelliot said here

Aside: Connect the dots.

Mikel> AMF>FIFA World Youth Championships>Mourinho>DMF>Schweinsteiger>Winger>MF>WORLD-CLASS


More sugar, please!

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4 responses to “YOUR FAULT, NOT MINE

  1. Hmmmmm!
    che na naija mentality i go talk or na African Mentality nii???


  2. Short and precise. No dilly-dallying. Good piece. However, a paragraph or so to discourage us from our skin deep ‘no be my fault’ culture would make it more enticing. Good job!


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