The bed creaked under his weight. Sleep has eluded him. A generator hummed in the distance. He turned around on his bed like an okoto while the event of the past day resonates in his head. Just when he had thought it wise to make his intention known to his crush, he had found himself in that dreaded zone. Though that was what his heart desired, he had approached Itunu after barrages of prodding from his buddies Heartbroken & dejected, he had hoped to find solace in the warmth of his bed but it obviously had other plans.


Me. Basically.

Her expression and words keep playing in his head- with a coy smile planted on her fresh face, which highlighted her dimples, while her evenly set dentition flashed in his expectant face, she had said, ‘Ermm, you know.. we really should just remain as friends’. He had then nodded his head in (dis)agreement while a stifled giggled escaped from his lips.
Introverted & shy- a bad combo already, some would say,his shot at forging a relationship just met a stonewall. Now, he’s going to return to his companion, solitude.


Even though Ezinne had taken her time to prepare the succulent yam and egg sauce, the food was still tasteless for Itunu whose stomach had not hosted any food for the past 7 hours. She keeps ruminating on the event of the past few hours.


Would anyone reject this, really?

So, he finally opened up. But he has to work for it. It won’t be nice if she simply nodded in agreement to his request. ‘Dewale is everything she wishes for in a male. And more. Unlike others who were filled with youthful exuberance-inspired ennui, he is focused & result-oriented.
But, as her friends usually say, what makes a man value a lady more is if he exerts energy in getting her approval.  By so doing, she’ll be appreciated by him. The question that now bothers her mind is, will ‘Dewale come back for her?

image solitude


4 responses to “CRUSHER-CRUSHEE

  1. he should o…. all this forming sef, ends up costing one, so much


  2. Dewale is gonna come back. But can take some time


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