NIS Test: My POV

Travelling for 3 hours from Calabar to Obubra, armed only with a faulty phone, in the midst of people conversing in a language you don’t understand, is anything but interesting.. Only succour was being able to play and fondle with my mind. Unconsciously, my mind wanders away and dwells on some abstract issues. My mind has developed a mind of its own. Independent. In the midst of this, my ears pricked up, when in pidgin English, heavily laced in Efik intonation, the driver in his mid-fifties complained about hogwash codenamed the NIS Aptitude Test, that held the previous Saturday. His nephew had gone for the test. That event was a national embarrassment; one capable of making a responsible government cower in shame.

No, it's not a footie match!

No, it’s not a footie match!

But the Nigeria’s government and ‘responsible’ can’t be be found in the same sentence, unless the latter is preceeded by ‘Not’. Alot of vituperations and venomenous submission have been placed at the doorstep of the Federal Government, but when hundreds of thousands of people apply for a government job of about a few thousands, then something is right. Or wrong. Can it be said that we have thousands of people willing to serve the nation? Can it be said that lots of Nigerians are more patriotic than it had been earlier thought; that they were willing, and some indeed, paid the supreme price? Can it be said that compatriots were arising?
Or can it be said that the crowd that day is a litmus test for the mindset of Nigerians? Employment with the Federal government ensures job security, that is. A notion common with my country people is that job with the government is not strenuous. The strenuousness is a factor of your personal ambition which is subject to your whims & caprices. A common belief is that it’s an avenue for earning extra income. Legit or not is another case. I remember a friend relating to me what a senior army officer told him- if one joins the Nigeria Army as an officer, one can become a millionaire in months, as long as one is willing to ‘je aramu’. Check that shii out.
After all said and done, our mental state is all that matters. Our government is an offshoot of our environment. Just like Islam preaches, the people get the type of leaders they deserve.


2 responses to “NIS Test: My POV

  1. In My Opinion , am glad the NIS “Show Of Shame” happened , although am sad for those who lost their lives. This opened our eyes to the unemployment issue that has been lingering for long.. Analyst say nigeria has the biggest economy in africa but I disagree.. How can a country with over 1million unemployed youths be rated to have the best economy in africa?? Just look at number of able bodied youths that turned up for jobs meant for only 3000 people..Which Way Naija?


    • That baffles me. When the ones that are meant to be the fulcrum of the economy are neglected, the nation is sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

      Thanks for the comment though. It’s appreciated.


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