The Hyphen

It’s a new year in the Gregorian calendar. *dodges grenade* yeah, i know it’s 20 days late but it’s still the first month in a new year. Congratulatory messages and phone calls flew about on the first day (just like they did about 367 days earlier; also going to happen again in about 346 days time). This made me ask myself soul searching questions. This life is transcient- that’s an axiom. People come and go- that’s why we are called mortal. Take this for instance ->

The Life Wheel

The Life Wheel

Nelson Mandela (1918-2013); Adolf Hitler (1889-1945); Mother Theresa (1910-1997); Genghis Khan (1162-1227). These dates have something in common. The hyphen- yeah. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as link to words and parts of words. In this context, that short stroke links the two unknown dates. That short stroke is what it is- short but full of meanings. Pregnant, it is. It is LIFE itself. It is a phase. A passage. A lot of us are stuck in this phase that we ignore a much more important destination.

Notice the shape?

Notice the shape?

That seemingly insignificant stroke is what all mortals will be judged on by the Immortal One. No matter what a being does (or doesn’t), his joys and sadness, his laughter and tears, they are all encapsulated in The Hyphen. What d’you want people to say about your hyphen?

Chew on that!

Happy new year!
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