Real Men’s Food

I don’t know if it’s weird but i plan to walk into a restaurant one of these days and look directly into the attendant’s eye and order for just something- DODO. OK, i love dodo. The love i have for dodo is more than what a mere mortal can fathom because even me sef no understand am.

Wow... Just wow...

Wow… Just wow…

All i know is that the love I’ve got for it is much more than the crush i had for this geh in secondary school… OK, scratch that…! Ask this idiot for my secondary school crush. Dodo is the best thing to have happened since man thought of putting something into his mouth. Like fellow lovers of dodo have confessed, ‘Shii so good, they named it twice. Do-do’. And this and this, this food is meant for those who value the best of things. I’m quite certain that the person who first prepared dodo is in the best part of heaven. The fellow should be high up there with Einstein and Galileo, in regards to saving the human race. To be honest, the sight of dodo is capable of making me reach orgas

Ain't this worth killing for?

Ain’t this worth killing for?

ok, nvm :p and the sound of its sizzle is one of the best sounds in the universe, only second to eardrum piercing silence of the moonless night. In fact, there is a silent-yet-ferocious rivalry between this foolish boy & I over who loves this food, only befitting for kings, more. The good news is that i’m winning, though he wouldn’t agree with me. I know that no matter the gravity of his offence to me, it will be settled over a plate of this paradise’s food, and vice versa. A wise man once said that dodo is the what we are to eat when we get to heaven. Ain’t that enough motivation?

Oh well!

Oh well!

Lest i forget, when i become rich, y’all that plan to kidnap me should include dodo in my diet- then, my ransom would be hefty. Did i just say that? Ok, pretend as if you did not see that 😀 . Dodo is heavenly. Dodo is great. Dodo is golden. Dodo is refreshing. Dodo is a hunger-buster. Dodo is __________ *fill in the word*


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