The Ibeji Panegyrics

The Ibeji Panegyrics

The Yoruba tribe has the highest rate of twin
births in the world. Igbo-Ora, a little town in Oyo state, has been nicknamed Twin capital of the World because of its unusually high rate of twins
that is put as high as 158 twins per 1000 births. In a video on YouTube presented by Titi (a white lady who speaks Yoruba), and which was centred on twin births in Igbo-Ora, one of the locals boasted that every family in the town has at least one twin! The following is the oriki for all we twins in the world. Enjoy!

Ejire oyila winiwini loju orogun,
ejiworo loju iya re
Mba bejire mbayo,
O be kese be kasa,
ofese me jejeji be sile alakisa
o so alakisa di onigbaso,
okan ni mba bi mba yo,
sugbon meji lowole tomiwa,
Gbajumo omo ti ngba ikunle iya,
ti ngba idobale lowo baba to bi won lomo
Ejire ara isokun, edunjobi omo edun tin sere ori igi
Epo nbe, ewa nbe, aya mi oja lati bi ibeji
Taiyelolu ma yo se se,
Akehinde gbegbon
mayo se se
Ejire oyila, ema yo se se, nbabi edunjobi
mba yo pe mobi oba omo.
Edumare bawa da awon Ibeji wa si.
Amin Ase!

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51 responses to “The Ibeji Panegyrics

  1. Baba Ibeji Lola

    My Wife and I are praying for a set of twins.

    I have threatened to have her banished to Igbo Ora, from Ibadan, until she gives birth to ejire.

  2. Their food should be researched upon.

  3. Translation please

  4. Hi, namesake! The translation of the oriki doesn’t seem possible as it is replete with some words that don’t seem to have corresponding English meanings. But i’ll try my best to summarise it. The Oriki Ibeji is about the importance of twins in the Yoruba culture. IBEJIs are believed to be ‘kings of children’. It’s believed that the arrival of twins in a family signifies the arrival of fortune. If the family is a poor one, it’s believed that their life would become better. Ibejis are said to be respected by all and sundry, including their parents. The Oriki ends with a prayer asking God to protect the twins.
    Hope that was of help? 🙂
    Thanks for the comment.

  5. I hope I’ll be mother of identical twins in the nearest future.

  6. Cool. Already got the translation. Cool blog.

  7. i so much love twins…… believing the creator of “them” to grant me 2 sets of IBEJI… *PRAYING*

    • 2 sets of twins tan?! 4 children niyen ke! May Eledumare answer your prayers!

      • Baba Ibeji Lola

        My Wife and I paid a pilgrimage to Igbo Ora a few months ago. We learned that triplets are now the in thing in the town.

        We ate lots of food, shes now with child but alas no “wini wini loju orogun” this time.

      • I think the Igbo-Ora town should be subject to scholarly research. This one dah multiple birth is common in that community 😀 . It might be in their genetic makeup. Congrats on your new child, though. Don’t worry ejire ara isokun are on their way to your family.

      • Baba Ibeji Lola


  8. Tears always roll down my cheek, each time I read the twin’s Panegyrics. I’ll love to have them some day, my brother’s wife and are twin sister are so Lovely

  9. I love twins so much,my grand mum is a twin,I pray Lord that I will have my set of twins dis year.

  10. I’m also one of those praying to God for a set of twins. Now that i have their panegyrics, i will keep siging and chantting it.

  11. I always pray to God to give me twins

  12. Wow! What a wonderful job here…
    Just like d way IYA BeJI use to recite it…..m proud to b a twin

  13. Wow… I love dis Blog.. Weldon Mr AK, am Praying for Merciful Twins.. Cos my Mum was Twins.. Ejire Ara Isokun, Edunjobi tin sere Ori igi, gbajumo omo tin gba’kunle iya, tin gba Idobale lowo baba to bi Lomo. WinrinWinrin loju Orogun, Ejiworo loju iya e. Okan nbabi Eji Lo wole tomi wa.. Hmmmm I love dem..

  14. had twins at my first delivering but lost them immediately after birth, though had a baby boy now, but stil praying to have twins, pray God grant me my heart desire. i just love the Ejires

  15. When I ws younger I used to hv boils on both arm n ppl will say u I will give birth to twins I I usually say amen to dt n when I visit new mother n dy ask me to pick biscuit I usually pick two sayin I want twins.eventually I got married n had identical twin boys as my first.I bless God for that n grantin my daire n I pray dt doz lookin up to Gid for such He will grant.

  16. Excellent post. Keep posting such kind of info on your site.
    Im really impressed by it.
    Hello there, You have done an incredible job. I will definitely
    digg it and for my part suggest to my friends. I’m confident they’ll be benefited from this web site.

  17. Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one!
    It’s on a totally different topic but it has pretty much
    the same page layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

  18. All glory to God for showing a great mercy upon me, i already have two boys and d most high visited my family in a grand style just last month wit a set of twins(boys) eelaki oba omo….i welcome u to my household

  19. Nyc write up,already have a girl bt just last year d Almighty Allah blessed me with two big handsome boys. Twins are really a special gift 4rm d most high pray dat d Almighty spare and protect them also bless those who is praying 4 such too

  20. I wish to be calleb iya ibeji in d nearest future

  21. Adebukola Babatunde

    I was so thrilled when i googled”oriki ibeji” and voila it appeared. I’m a proud mother of a beautiful set of twin which i described as”ore gbankogbi,ore nlanla”.I never expected it even in my wildest dream.May Allah protect all our children.amin.Nice work Mr Keems.

  22. that’s the fact about Igbo-Ora town. I was born and brought up at Eruwa which is about 30minute drive to Igbo-Ora,and i have cousin there that are twin(my uncle). i like twin and i wish to have a set of identcal twin like my uncles.good research work

  23. I’m a proud mother of twins but unluckily 4 me I don’t know dia eulogy. Tnx 4 dropping ds hia bro. I can actually tease my boys wiv dis (lols). May God bless and keep all twins in d world & grant all dos dat desire twins dia hrt desire.

  24. Happy to be egbon among twin

  25. Bless God I have a boy nd a girl as my 1st born

  26. Why are called are Ira isoku?

  27. I love twins so much…I’ll love 2 have them someday. My late grandpa was a twin & my bf is also a twin.

  28. Am proud 2 a twin

  29. Hmmm….am so so glad having twins(Boi&girl) as my 2nd issue its really an unexpected bless for me nd hubby….dey re realy a gud child to av,to does tat wishes,best of luck…knowing der eulogy brought me can’t !eave wit no expression…..thanx

  30. omokehindehopeyemi omotayo

    tanks u very much

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