Weather For Two… or Tea

Weather For Two... or Tea

The time is 8:16am but the weather says 7:19pm. The earth is about to receive a very soothing visitor. Everyone has been expecting this visitor to save us from the horrors of the heat of the past few weeks. IT IS ABOUT TO RAIN! The weather is so tense that you feel it in your soul. Women hurry to collect their clothes from the line- dry or otherwise. You sit here, on the edge of your ruffled bed, wondering about the unknown.
Then the rain begins. It is so heavy that you wonder if it had won a bet against the sun and the sun was cuddled up somewhere mourning its loss. It’s been 40 minutes and you wonder if the rain goes back for reinforcement every 40 seconds. There seems no end in sight! You have now moved to the verandah, sitting alone on the brown KGM plastic chair savouring the fresh air accompanying the rain. The plants heave a sigh of relief. The lizards and ants must now be cuddled up somewhere and the mosquitoes must be resting now, after the night’s battle.
Several thoughts crowd your mind. This seems a perfect weather for two or tea or even, both. With Yanni’s Nightingale playing in the background, the occasional thunder serving as bass to the soft-playing Nightingale and the wind carressing your body, your system reacts to the change in temperature. You think this is an awesome time for you to be in bed snuggled up to your better half; inhaling his/her breathe and pleasant smell and feeling the presence of no third party. Then, you wonder what the consequences will be after the rain had long gone. You think of the result of your action in the long run & your (in)ability to deal with it. Is this really a weather for 2? Of course, it is, but with it comes consequences & responsibilities. So you’d rather settle for the latter- light the gas cooker, boil some water and make a very hot tea. This has no consequences except that you’ll find yourself sound asleep, under your floral blanket, with no 2nd or 3rd party involved!


2 responses to “Weather For Two… or Tea

  1. professional ! though I’d av gone 4 both 😉


  2. 😀 Maybe u don’t knw dt Pampers + Cerelac don dey expensive. 😉


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