12 Crazy Facts About Hakeem

In my twenty something years of existence, i have experienced some events, which have shaped my behaviour. I’ve also taken some actions-crazy, stupid, (extra)ordinary, etc. Below are some crazy facts about Hakeem.

– I once trekked from Lagere to Mayfair coz of #5… Crazy innit??

– I can stay indoors for weeks without a hitch… Introvert?? Yeah

– I still have the shirt i wore on my first birthday… Antique

– My oldest-but-still-functional property is my wallet. It was bought on 24th May, 2007… Coveted.

– My closest shave with death was on Friday 4th April, 2008. 448<~ #GoFigure

– My most embarrasing moment was when a bank cashier asked if i was an illiterate!… No one fit try am with me again o!

– I still remember the first time i boarded an okada like yesterday… Hehehehehe

– 5th August, 1999 is indelible in my heart- sister's birthday, grandmother's death and an armed robbery attack… Quite an eventful day, abi?

– The longest i've gone without a shower is 3 days… Thank God i don't have body odour.

– I once had a crush on someone until i was told she is my cousin… Don't ask who she is, please?

– When my grandma died, i was scared when she was referred to as 'late'. My notion of late had been shaped with school latecoming, which attracted punishment. #IfYouKnowWhatIMean.

– I hold the record of being the first family member to ride with my dad in his first car… Golden Moment!


6 responses to “12 Crazy Facts About Hakeem

  1. Hmm….
    4.4.8. ‘General Camry’ *coded*. On a rainy Friday evening! Here u are 2day. Alhamdulillah 4 d gift of life!
    5/8/99. An unforgettable day! Wat a coincidence!
    Lagere to Mayfair. #5 na somtin o.
    Shirt worn on 1st year bday anniversary, shey u wan giv ur 1st son ni?
    1st day u boarded bike, omo u go hapy gan o. Am sure u sat @ d front nd SOQing (Smiling Out Quietly). *winks*
    9ce one! Thumbs up!


  2. Lmao!, you trekked from Lagere to mayfair coz of 5 naira!! Back in the days in H103, I know say you dey always get money for hand..only God knows boya you don dey build house somewhere ni lol.

    And also, keemz, so you’ve crushed on someone before..abeg shoot me please..! All through our stay on campus I don’t think you ever talked to a girl..#justsaying and sometimes I thought you’re gay *picks race* I hope say you don get gf now sha lol


    • That time wey Lagere to Campus na #25 & na #1020 dey my hand. I no fit dey beg conductor say make i pay #20; naso i lock up trek am jare.
      So you look me finish con think say I go abandon a lady’s succulence dey follow man. Chai! I don die. Where’s that mind machete sef? I dey come visit you.


  3. Introvert? High five on that one. Lol illiterate part though. Cashiers can be so rude 😂😂 You have your shirt from 1st year birthday, you try o!


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