Buried deep in my mind are ideas, worries, memories- joyous & sad, secrets… and all sorts of buriables(if such word exists). The gestation period, i recall, began immediately i was able to distinguish my LEFT from my RIGHT. These events have influenced my relationship with other mortals. I realise i’m pregnant with an everlasting foetus; figuratively though! Nevertheless, i appear normal just like everybody else- not letting these to interfere with my everyday interactions. Then i realise, everybody else is just like ME! Going about with even worse pasts are people i meet every effing day. I look at scars on people’s body as if those scars will open up to tell me what made them resident where they are. But nevertheless, life continues for the host. I’ve learnt to continue marching on to greater heights and let the setbacks of the past be the stepping stone to acheive greater things. As Winston Churchill put it, ‘SUCCESS IS NOT FINAL, FAILURE IS NOT FATAL, THE ABILITY TO CONTINUE IS ALL THAT MATTERS! <-*hope i got that right sh


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