Conversation with my Soul.

How can I face you again? Deep down in my mind, I know I have offended you. The last time I faced you, it was with guilt written on my face. Then, I promised never to go back to the old ways. Oops! Here I am drowning in the sea of the old ways. Only a rare kind of courage and determination will be needed to swim to safety. A renewed rigorous determination will be needed to face you again. Even the foetus in the womb and the long dead below us can testify to your undying love. You have been with me all the way. Your love has stood the test of time. With a heavy heart, I approach you to seek the usual forgiveness. I know you will be shaking your head, smiling at my character; always willing to grant my request… But how can a sane being approach you with such blemish?! I even shudder at the thought of coming to meet you.
‘The Motto’ has wrongly influenced my behaviour. Some of my behaviours I am not proud of. Alas! Mine is still saintly in the midst if the other ills in the society. A society that legalises illegalities and moralises immoralities. How I wish I came during the time of the good men; when the scarcity of good men was a rarity. Reverse is the case in my time. I am not trying to garner sympathy to my blames as the covenant was between both of us, no other soul was signatory to the pact.
Now as I approach you, certain to fetch from your well of forgiveness, consumed by the noise of the silent room, my legs and taste buds share in my burden. Sure of leaving here a changed man -the duration unknown- I am welcomed back by the society that made me come to you in the first place!


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