20 Random Facts About Me

Narcissistic? Well, sue me! I was once asked to describe myself in one word and what I could come up with is introvert. Quite cliché, don’t you think? Well, I had to come up with random facts about myself to give me options.random facts

  1. I’m a sucker for good grammar and punctuations, especially when reading. I can’t stand those who use ‘am’ instead of ‘I’m’; ‘loose’ instead of ‘lose’, ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ or ‘their’ instead of ‘there’. I might just punch you in the throat.
  2. I used to think the concept of celebrity crush is nonsense but I have 2 of those now 🙈. They’re Janelle Monae and Sanaa Lathan.
  3. There are 3 songs I rarely skip on my playlist- Captains and Cruise Ships (Owl City), Vivid Imagination (K1 de Ultimate) and House on Fire (Sia).
  4. Chip off the Old block: I’ve lost count of the number of times I have been told this. Even my barber told me this yesterday, despite the fact that he has never seen me with my dad before! Few years ago, a man I had never met before and who had never met me too asked if I was Mr Femi’s son. Quite creepy!
  5. I’m a movie junkie. Sometimes, what gets me through a bumpy day is the fact that I have unwatched movies on my laptop. My favourite series is How I Met Your Mother.
  6. The first feature I notice on a woman is the stomach. I love flat stomachs.
  7. I’m usually unmotivated and unproductive when my space is invaded.

Oh! You’ll be visiting? That’s fine, but when will you be leaving?

  1. When I can, I cherish a 10-minute time of silence every morning.
  2. I’m a lover of dark rooms. Bright lights freak me out.
  3. When I was younger, I had 2 contrasting nicknames- Gentleman and Ekun.
  4. Sometimes, I get the urge to get lost. When I get bored, I take a hike into hitherto unchartered territories.
  5. I believe pizza is overrated and semo is thrash.
  6. The oldest piece of clothing I have is a 16 year old jacket. Classic case of ‘You-Will-Grow-Into-It’.
  7. If it’s not beef, fish or FRIED chicken, count me out.
  8. One day, I would love to have either a cat or a monkey as a pet.
  9. Sometimes, what gets me through a rough week is the knowledge that there is a Manchester United match in the weekend.
  10. It was a few months to my 8th birthday when my paternal grandmother died. I was disturbed when she was referred to as ‘late’. I thought anyone who was late would be punished. No thanks to latecomers in school.
  11. I am allergic to dust.
  12. I have a mild OCD. It leans more towards compulsion than obsession though. I haven’t told anyone this before.
  13. It requires much for me to get angry, but I can be vindictive when I am. I’m still a work in progress in this department.

Do we have anything in common? Share them below.


The Dark Place

Dark Place

Tonight’s the night we lose control!

Her naked body wriggled feebly as he tucked in his flaccid penis in his boxers. The room was lit just enough to appreciate her areolas once again.
‘Wow! Is this how make-up sex feels like? We need to quarrel more’, he thought with a smirk.
John Legend’s Tonight had been on repeat primarily to drown her loud moans. Quite a moaner, that one! While fondling with the papers on the bedside cabinet to pick his wedding ring, his hand hit the little metal and it rolled under the bed.
‘Oh fuck!’, he cursed.
He crouched and his stretched hand meandered around the dark place the way his tongue did on her moments earlier. The flashlight on his Samsung phone came to the rescue. However, instead of the ring, what the light shone on was a recently used HIV test kit.
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‘My courage will not be squashed; I’ll tell her my feelings today’, I soliloquised, as I passed by an electoral poster of her father. I always look forward to seeing her alighting from the chauffeur-driven SUV but oddly, she wasn’t in school today.

A crowd lurked around her house. People conversed in hushed tones, gathered in twos and threes. The usual euphoria was absent. I moved towards Rotimi as I sighted his customized Arsenal jersey in the crowd.

‘Guy, wetin dey happen?’, I asked, tapping his shoulder.

Baba, you never hear ni? Otunba & his family were assassinated last night’

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Game of Thrones, Season 7- Takeaways

So, Game of Thrones, season 7 came to an end after 7 episodes on Sunday. As expected, this season didn’t disappoint in its delivery. Now, we have to wait till 2019 to have a new season. What are we supposed to be watching till then?


No middleground!

Anyways, here are my 7 takeaways from the season:

  • The Starks are reunited… or what’s left of them

Ned’s appointment as the Hand of the King and the push by Jamie culminated in the dispersal of the Starks across Westeros. With Ned and the girls living for King’s Landing and Cat and the boys staying behind in Winterfell, the family never remained the same. This family further got stretched when Ned was executed- Sansa was held ‘hostage’ in Kings’s Landing at first, Arya was carried away to safety and Bran was later pushed into the wild.

It was then heart-warming when the surviving Starks reunited at Winterfell. Lots have happened over the years though.

Of Arya, Brienne said,

The only one that needs protecting is the one that gets in her way.

Bran is now like a walking Google and he can also warg. Sansa has also under gone enough emotional torment to last a lifetime.

  • The Dragons in their glory


Bigger, intimidating and active! We haven’t really seen Drogon and his brothers in real action except when they dealt with some rebels in Meereen and some other insignificant instances. We’ve literally seen them hatch from eggs to become the beautiful beasts they are now. This season, we saw them like never before. They were engaged in battle action. In battle, air superiority is important. They acted as assault teams, QRFs and also executioners. Unfortunately, the Night King has now acquired one of our dragons for his personal use.

  • Littlefinger’s Execution

The last person whose death was celebrated was Ramsay. We had been waiting for it and the manner was soothing. His death was ironical as the master schemer was outwitted at his game by a kid he thought he had in grip. He was totally outplayed and had to fall on his knees begging for his life. His trial also revealed some hitherto unknown facts- like how he was responsible for Jon Arryn. Quite fair that he was slahed in the throat by his own knife.

Littlefinger’s Trial Explained Here

  • The Army of the Dead soars

I had been searching for the perfect description of the White Walkers before the season finale. Jon provided the perfect one in “The Dragon and the Wolf”

“An army that doesn’t leave corpses behind on the battlefield”

Like a boss, the Night King hasn’t uttered a word in the show yet, the thought of him sends shudders through our spines. His army grows at a rapid rate. The army now also possesses Viserion. I’d be scared if I were a Westerosi right now.

And yup! The Night King would do well if he thinks of having a career in javelin.

Quite a thrower, that one.

  • Cersei- Evil as Ever

She really hasn’t changed, has she? Even Jamie and The Hound have earned credits from the viewers. Still, she is disposed to brawn over reason. While everyone is battling to stay alive, she’s battling to keep the Iron Throne. Even Jamie was shook when he heard the number of the Army of the Dead.

She even relies on the mercenaries in Essos, The Golden Company to help her in a war other people have shifted their attention from.

Even Jamie is tired of her.

  • Jon Snow- A false life?

The most popular bastard in the Seven Kingdoms. He was everyone’s favourite bastard. Prior to last season, we believed he was Ned Stark’s. Even he believes that. Turned out he isn’t any of the above- not a bastard nor Ned Stark’s son. Well played, GRRM!

Thanks to the Three-Eyed Raven (must be nice to be able to go back and witness historical moments, don’t you think?), we know that Jon is a Targaryen. However, even the Three-Eyed Raven needs assistance. Samwell was on hand for this. It’s revealed that Jon’s parents were legally married. Oops! You owe someone an apology, Robert.

His name isn’t Jon Snow, it’s Aegon Targaryen.

And he’s the heir to the Iron Throne.

  • The Wall is brought down

The Wall has been protecting the Seven Kingdoms from the perils beyond it. In “The Watchers on the Wall”, it withstood the attack of the wildlings. The Wall has stood for thousands of years. This season though, part of it came down like a pack of cards, courtesy of The Night King. With the aid of the resurrected Viserion, he paved a path for the Army of the Dead to match into Westeros.

And the end begins!