Dead Inside.

‘Durosinmi is now infected!’ Michael declared. ‘Those things are roaming the whole school now. Stay together while I go find a way out’.
As our ray of hope, he has provided the needed leadership. Camped here for 5 days, there has been little hope for food or fresh air.
‘This is worse than Ebola. All you need to get infected is to be touched by an infected and you become a wight.’, the juniors had whispered amongst themselves on Tuesday.
Michael returned to tell us he’d found a way out. On a straight line, we tiptoed.
I had a foot out the door before I was pulled back by Durosinmi, who had been behind the exit door the whole time.


Before the Giant Leap.

‘Looks like beings exist here, Neil’

‘What do you mean, Buzz?’

‘There are footprints here. Someone is approaching & he looks human’.

‘That’s weird but be careful out there’.

‘Copy that! I hope he understands English. WE ARE FROM EARTH AND WE COME IN PEACE!!!

Pozdravleniya! You made it too’.

Dear subject,

Listen up!

Welcome to the post war-of-all-against-all era.


you don’t exist until I sanction it.

You ain’t educated until I say you are.

You are not married until I say you are.

You might be decomposing, but you’re not dead until I say you are.

Par your choice, I’m here to replace your freedom.



The Concept of Debt in Islam.

This post is dedicated to a friend, who passed away on the first day of Ramadan (Thursday 17th May, 2018). Please say a prayer for Sanusi Mukhtar. May the blessings accruing to me from the knowledge of those who read this article be transferred to him (A’ameen).


While going through tributes for Mukhtar on Facebook, a particular one struck me. He was one who constantly remembered death while he was alive. A particular act of his was peculiar. Before he travelled, he cleared his debts. Only one who is knowledgeable enough about the deem would know the importance of this singular act.

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‘You removed my pants, I didn’t talk; now you want to remove my bra too! Is that space not enough to spread your clothes?’
‘Mtsheew… Ọ bụ m na nwanyị akwụna a na-ekwurịta okwu?’
WHAT THA FUCK?! What sort of talk is that, Mama Arinze… ehn?’
‘Abegiii! Na everybody for this compound sabi as e dey go. Na different men dey come drop you everyday.
I don’t even understand ladies of nowadays sef. Hassan dey hustle to show say him love you; meanwhile we dey see you in different cars every evening.’
‘Mama Arinze, have you ever heard of Uber?’

Of Marvel and DC Supremacy.

Everyone is talking about it. Even if you haven’t seen it, you are about to. Wakanda spell does this movie have on people, huh? Does the movie derive its hype from the prevalent subjugation of the blacks and everything black? This article isn’t about the cliché ones about black power and shit; it’s something different.

The Messi and Ronaldo of the comicverse?

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The Amasa Dialogue.

OLU: She didn’t want to be a lawyer in the first place.
OLU: The lady who refused to remove her hijab at the Call to Bar ceremony.

KAYODE: Oh! Why did you say that?

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